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Save time, Build relationships & grow your small business, easily

Reldesk is an easy-to-use, cloud-based sales and relationship management system designed for small businesses. With a focus on building and maintaining business relationships instead of wrestling with spreadsheets, or outdated Customer Relationship Management systems that are difficult to understand and expensive to implement.

Win more sales with a pipeline

Track your sales pipeline from prospect to project

Do you find keeping track of your clients, prospects and opportunities difficult?

By tagging and categorising all of your contacts quickly, you’re able to easily filter the opportunities and contacts you want to engage with. Providing better insight into your sales pipeline. So more sales, more quickly.

Keep your tasks and notes in one place

Do you find yourself scrabbling around for documents and notes when a prospect calls?

Keep notes, tasks and data within the contact record so you can respond with “How’s Adam?”, rather than “Umm… errr.. I think so.”

Keeping customer notes
Cloud CRM

Sales in the Cloud

Do you find yourself searching emails for meeting notes just before your meeting?

By keeping your sales and contact data in the cloud, you and your team are on the same page instantly. Whether that’s in the car park 5 minutes before the meeting, or on your device during the zoom meeting.

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Need customisations or additional features? We also offer Enterprise and Bespoke plans with onboarding, specialist data import and bespoke training.


We work with technology platforms and partners to provide integrations that suit your workflow. Here’s a list of the CRM integrations already built into Reldesk.

Gmail integration

Gmail / GSuite

Outlook integration

Outlook / 365

Excel integration


Google Sheets integration

Google Sheets

Google Drive integration

Google Drive

Google Calendar integration

Google Calendar

Apple iCal integration


Slack integration


And more

UK Company Prospecting

Designed for businesses that sell to UK businesses, our UK Company Prospector, allows you to search, filter and evaluate potential UK businesses in your target market to build prospect lists in seconds - all within Reldesk.

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