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Save time, Build relationships & grow your Nonprofit

Reldesk is an easy-to-use, cloud-based relationship management system designed for small and medium-sized charities. Focusing on building and maintaining relationships instead of wrestling with spreadsheets, or those outdated Customer Relationship Management systems that are difficult to understand and expensive to implement.

Win more sales with a pipeline

Track your Charity Contacts Easily

Do you find keeping track of your donors, partners and ongoing cases difficult?

By tagging and categorising all of your contacts quickly, you’re able to easily filter the opportunities and contacts you want to engage with. Providing better insight into your organisation so everyone is on the same page.

Keep your tasks and notes in one place

Do you find yourself scrabbling around for documents and notes when a donor calls?

Keep notes, tasks and data within the contact record so you can respond with “How are you Adam?”, rather than “Umm… errr.. I think so.”

Keeping customer notes
Online Donations

Accept Recurring Donations in an Instant

Easy Website integration to take recurring Direct Debit donations completely online.

Drop donation forms into your website and start accepting recurring direct debit payments with no admin hassle, getting rid of paper-based versions and saving administration costs.

Giftaid …and track Giftaid too!

Charity CRM in the Cloud

Do you find you have IT issues with your current CRM, or difficulty managing who’s paid what?

By keeping your donations information and contact data in the cloud you and the team can access it easily from anywhere. Even in the middle of that important quarterly review meeting.

Cloud CRM

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Need customisations or additional features? We also offer Enterprise and Bespoke plans with onboarding, specialist data import and bespoke training.


We work with technology platforms and partners to provide integrations that suit your workflow. Here’s a list of the CRM integrations already built into Reldesk.

Gmail integration

Gmail / GSuite

Outlook integration

Outlook / 365

Excel integration


Google Sheets integration

Google Sheets

Google Drive integration

Google Drive

Google Calendar integration

Google Calendar

Apple iCal integration


Slack integration


And more