QuickBooks CRM Integration

Small Business Financial and Sales integration made easy with Reldesk & QuickBooks

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Import Your Existing Customers

Get up and running with your existing customers by importing your QuickBooks contacts in a few seconds.

Add New Contacts to QuickBooks

Manage your sales and prospects in Reldesk and pass to QuickBooks with the click of a button.

Easy Customer Lifetime Value

Find your most profitable customers automatically with our customer lifetime value tab.

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Easy, seamless integration

Your financial data like invoices and payments live inside QuickBooks. And you keep your prospects and customer information that manages your sales and sales process inside Reldesk.

The Reldesk QuickBooks integration links the two to give you more power and information at your fingertips. Building a better picture of your business, your clients and prospects, and how your sales funnel results in what matters - your bank balance.

Import Your QuickBooks Customers in a couple of clicks

If your current customer list is within QuickBooks, you can get started with a couple of clicks. Our integration automatically picks only your customers to import so you’re ready to go.

And once they’re imported we’ll do a few customer lifetime value calculations to show you your most profitable customers.

Create QuickBooks Contacts with a Click

Once your lead becomes a customer you can easily create a matching QuickBooks contact record in QuickBooks with just a click.

The two are then linked so you can go to QuickBooks instantly by clicking on the QuickBooks icon - no more copying and pasting, no more searching different apps.

You can then do all the normal quoting and invoicing as usual within QuickBooks.

See Every Customers’ Lifetime Value to Your Business

Once you know who brings you in the most revenue, you can spend more time engaging with them. Reldesk provides a suite of features to create, build and manage your business relationships and focus more time on the important things that ensure you have a profitable business.

Small business owners are already doing fifteen different jobs, why not make things easier?

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If you’d like to find out more about Reldesk and our QuickBooks integration, please schedule your free demo and we’ll walk you through how it fits in with your business.

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