UK Company Check Service

Search data from Companies House to find company information, quickly and easily with our free public beta search of UK companies.

Start by entering part of the company name you want to search for, eg: ‘McDonald’

Need detailed company prospecting information?

  • Filter by industry classification, location and more
  • View company financials
  • Build company prospect lists
  • Manage email campaigns to prospects
  • Keep on track with follow ups
  • Manage sales, contacts and opportunities

Using the UK Company Prospector tool within Reldesk

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What can you use the company check for?

Many visitors use our basic company check service for a number of reasons:

  • To check whether a company name (or part of a company name) exists, usually if they want to register a new company
  • To research a company, maybe find out who the directors are, or their main address.
  • For sales prospecting purposes. To build a list of potential companies that may be interested in their products or services.
  • To check whether a company is still in business.
  • To check their publically stated accounts, either for credit checking or to see the viability of the company before doing business.