Reldesk Company Prospector

Search and Start Prospecting ALL of the UK’s 4,000,000 companies

Easy, seamless integration

Our UK company prospecting tool is embedded right within the main Reldesk window, so you can search, filter, find, copy and start prospecting within seconds.

Advanced company Search and Filtering

Narrow down your target market in seconds, using Industry, Location, Company Type, Status and Name.

Find out more details such as incorporation date, company address and type of accounts submitted.

Once you have your list, you can do 1-click searches on Google, LinkedIn and Companies House - no typing required!

Review Company Financials

For many companies, you can even drill down into company financials from the past 5 years, view accounts submitted and review additional data if it’s been provided.

This allows you to only build a list that matches your target market and criteria.

Just one click to import into Reldesk

Once you find the relevant companies, you only need to click one button to bring the basic company data straight into Reldesk - no typing required here either!

You’re now ready to start contacting, scheduling follow-ups, managing opportunities, sales pipeline, tracking the revenue and lifetime value of a customer - all within one dashboard.

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