'It's like Xero or Quickbooks for Sales'

8th Dec 2018

Finding our first customers

To begin finding our first Reldesk customers we attended meetings to show our beta version to business owners, sales professionals and business development managers. It was more to get a feel for how the product was perceived and gain insight into potential customer’s needs rather than sales.

Showing something similar to what some may consider a dry and tedious subject (a CRM), our initial meetings were filled with a certain amount of trepidation, as you can imagine. Let’s face it, most businesses don’t have a love-love relationship with their CRM - if they even have one!

But almost everyone we showed it to loved it! Most meetings resulted in suggestions, improvements, ‘nice to haves’ and the usual budget conversations. But ultimately, all of our initial conversations were very positive.

“Is it a CRM?”

Depending on how we presented Reldesk, the question that came up (in its many forms) was whether Reldesk was a CRM or not. It certainly didn’t ‘feel’ like one.

Our prospects and early adopters already started to have an emotional attachment to it. They always used the word ‘feel’.

But then that makes sense, as it was never built as a CRM. It was built to fulfil a desire, fix a problem, To make a complex process easier and take less time. Who wants to spend so much time dealing with data, search for it, and duplicating it, instead of talking and working with your clients?

It was always about relationships, and how, in their many forms, they result in sales and growth for your business. It was never just about contacts in a database.

So the answer, is yes it is, and no it isn’t 😄. It’s not just about customers, but about relationships.

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“This is great, it’s like Xero for Sales!”

During this phase we’ve talked to many small business owners, many of which use cloud accounting software. From their point of view, cloud accounting has changed the way they deal with their accounts and bookkeeping. Cutting costs, improving efficiency and being able to keep track of their finances more easily.

One thing that soon became apparent is that they viewed Reldesk in similar terms. It was a game-changing cloud-based system that reduced time and drove sales and profitability. It was at one of these meeting when we heard “This is great, it’s like Xero for sales!”.

If you use Xero or Quickbooks, and want to improve your sales and client management in the same way, signup to Reldesk to get started.

We also have Quickbooks CRM and Xero CRM integrations with Reldesk so you can combine the power of both to improve your sales!

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